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Battistelli Roccheggiani Architetti Associati is based in Ancona, and operates in the field of architectural design, urban planning and restoration.

Founded by Sergio Roccheggiani and Marco Battistelli in 1996, it became associate Firm in 2005; it is currently composed by a group of twelve professionals organized by an efficient administrative structure: from 2007 to 2013, this society works with a Quality System conforming to the rule UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 .

The Firm offers its business professional partners services as project management, concept design and feasibility studies, architectural and urban planning, estimation and analysis of project costs, technological research and design.

Thanks to its flexible structure, it has designed and built residen-tial, commercial, administrative and industrial buildings, for both public and private clients, restorations at various scales, as also urban plannings (masterplans): urban and suburban areas have been transformed to redesign the city in an environmentally-friendly point of view.

The way of working is defined by using internal figures that can act on a multidisciplinary level, integrating the specific methodology with a skilled teamwork, combining theoretical research and concrete projects.

The aim is to provide competent responses and innovative contents in a short time. This is made possible by a continuous professional updating: attending courses and conferences and following not only all the latest specific publications but also considering a full internal bibliographical archive.

Over the years, the Firm has been actively involved in designing environmental sustainability in housing and urban fields.

Both owners matched the professional commitment with the teaching activity and have been guest professors at the Università Politecnica delle Marche, Faculty of Engineering.

Company’s projects have been the subject of numerous specialized periodicals , as well as presented and selected for several architecture and urbanism exhibitions, and also they have been presented in national and International conferences and contests, among which the Shanghai 2010 Expo.


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